by Asha Devineni

This session is starting to near it’s end; this was the last week for the House and Senate Committees to hear bills. The Appropriation Committees in both chambers will have one more week to hear bills.

On Monday (3/19) Governor Doug Ducey released his school safety action plan to address the epidemic going on throughout the US.

The following bills are of note:

  • HB2005: public service corporations; penalties. Municipal governing bodies are authorized to sell or lease for “economic development activities” land or buildings owned by or under the control of the municipality if specified conditions are met, including that the lease term cannot exceed 25 years, that the land or building is appraised by an experienced appraiser, and that the land is sold or leased at a public auction to the highest responsible bidder after public notice of the sale or lease is given. This bill passed in both the Senate and the House, 16-12 and 34-24 respectively and is now ready for the Governor.
  • SB1390 TPT; additional rate; education was heard in the Senate Education Committee on Thursday (3/22). This legislation effectively makes permanent the additional TPT rate for education approved by the voters as Proposition 301 in November 2000, which will expire June 30, 2021. This bill passed out of committee with a vote of 6-0 as amended. This bill then proceeded to go through the legislative process where it was ultimately voted on in both chambers and passed on Thursday. This bill will now be sent to the Governor for his final signature.
  • SB1147 county excise tax for transportation was heard in the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday (3/21). There were four amendments introduced and adopted to the bill. A link to the consolidated amendments can be found below. This bill passed out of committee with a vote of 5-4.
  • SB1499 community facilities districts; directors. A resolution ordering the formation of a district must state whether the district will be governed by a district board consisting of members of the governing body, ex officio, with two additional members who are initially designated by the owner who owns the largest amount of privately owned acreage in the district and who are appointed by the governing body, or, at the option of the governing body, five directors appointed by the governing body. This bill passed out of the House with a vote of 54-5 and is ready for the Governor.
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Legislative Update Week of March 19