by Asha Devineni

Next week will be the last week for House consideration of Senate bills and Senate consideration of House bills. The Appropriation Committees in both chambers will have an extra week to hear bills.

The following bills are of note:

  • SB1390 TPT; additional rate; education will be heard in the Senate Education Committee on Thursday (3/22). This legislation effectively makes permanent the additional TPT rate for education approved by the voters as Proposition 301 in November 2000, which will expire June 30, 2021.
  • HB2126 government property; abatement; slum; blight was heard in the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday (3/14). This bill passed out of committee with a vote of 7-0. There was a committee amendment that was adopted to the bill which can be found at the link provided:
  • HB2490 contracts; licensure requirement waivers will be heard in the Senate Commerce and Public Safety committee on Monday (3/19). This bill would permit two or more private parties in a contract to agree to waive any state, city, town or county laws relating to licensure, certification, registration or other authorization to act for the purposes of the contract if a list of specified conditions apply.
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Legislative Update Week of March 5