By Laura Franco French

Legislative Update Week of April 9

With the introduction of legislation to address school safety and a proposed plan for teachers pay, the end of session could be coming soon.

Governor Ducey held a press conference on Thursday (4/12) to announce a teacher pay increase. The Governor’s plan would include a 20% increase overall by fiscal year 2020 which will amount to an average teacher pay of $58,130, up from the current $48,723. Further details of the Governor’s plan can be found at the following link:

The following bills are of note:

  • SB1519 protective orders; schools; approp was introduced and First Read on Wednesday (4/11). This bill is the Governor’s school safety that has been talked about this session. This bill will be heard in the Senate Commerce and Public Safety Committee on Monday (4/16). A link to the language of the bill can be found here:
  • HB2126 government property; abatement; slum; blight modifies the size of the geographical area for a central business district. The bill also modifies the requirements for leases between a prime lessee and a government lessor for which tax is abated. House concurred in Senate amendments and passed on final reading 57-0; ready for Governor.