Sharing Ideas

The other exciting section of is the Idea Lab, where you can propose solutions to the challenges that face our state. Every policy idea can be seen by lawmakers. The more support you get from participants, the more likely lawmakers are to seriously consider your idea.

IdeasButton Simply click the Ideas button in the top left corner of any page, or scroll down the homepage to the Ideas section for recent submissions.

To begin the exciting process of sharing your idea, simply click the Add Your Idea button from the homepage.

Or click the Add Idea button right on the Idea Lab page. Here you can also filter by Tag, Newest or Most Popular; or search by name or tag in the Search field.

You will be prompted to give your policy idea a title, explain the problem, outline your solution and select the appropriate tags. Once submitted, your idea will be up for discussion by other Arizona voters and it will be visible to lawmakers!

When you click an idea, you will be taken to its individual page. See how the creator lays out the problem and solution, rate the idea on a scale of one to three stars, comment and rate other comments. Finally, you can Share This Idea to your social media channels to invite others to join in the conversation.

Tip: Be a force for positive change by sharing a suggestion to improve or expand upon the idea.


As of Dec. 31, 2018, the Arizona Voices website will no longer be available. Thank you to all who have been active users. We encourage you to remain engaged in the legislative process.